Studley Wood Captains

Photo: Men’s Captain – Neil Pettit, Lady Captain – Bel Appleby, Seniors Captain – Peter Crook, Junior Captain – Jack Kennedy. Pictured at their Captains’ Drive In on 20th March 2016.

“Bless the Beetroot”

When we chose UCARE as our Captains’ Charity, it was to support a very worthy local charity focusing on raising the awareness of and supporting research into urological cancers.

This became more personal when Bel’s husband, Ken, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in January. He was very fortunate to undergo keyhole robotic surgery in February at The Churchill to remove his prostate. The operation went well and we are hopeful of a positive result.

Why “Bless the Beetroot”? Wind back to November 2015, at a birthday meal Ken had a beetroot starter, and a couple of days later experienced what he thought might be “blood in his urine” … quick trip to the doctors, urine test subsequently confirmed no blood in urine but a high PSA level of 7.5. Referred for Prostate Biopsy … cancer diagnosed … surgery!! If it wasn’t for the beetroot, we wouldn’t have known!!!

All you men out there … if you have any concerns about your urinary function or any abnormal signs, go and see your GP!!!

Plans for 2016/17

Our objectives this year are to have fun, to support the Club and its members, and in the process raise valuable funds for UCARE.

We also want to use this opportunity to work with UCARE to educate and bring further awareness of urological cancers to all of our members, old and young.