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16 February 2021


Knowing that we are in a time of financial instability, My Bollox brand donations are extra special to us, and the generous financial support during this tumultuous time makes a huge difference to our work and support we can give cancer patients.

Now My Bollox brand has taken up the torch and run with it. They have made a kind, heart warming and amazing pledge to match the £2,500 if we can raise it here.

The Aviva Community Fund asks charities to upload their projects and then delivers funding of £250,000 to split among their UK employees to donate to the projects that matter to them most. Through Crowdfunder, UCARE can add to any donations they get from the Aviva Community Fund with your donations.

At UCARE we are aware of social isolation. People have not been able to access their support networks in the same way, at a time when they are facing a very difficult time in their lives. We have therefore worked with health professional teams to run some online interactive support sessions for patients. So we are fundraising for series of films focusing on the Health and Well Being of people diagnosed with cancer have been and will be developed. The series will include information for different stages of the journey from diagnosis through to thrivorship stages. The films will be pivotal to the Health and Well Being work enabling education as well as connection and reducing isolation.

Our Health and Well Being Strategy aims to improve the patient experience and quality of life as well as making systems more cost effective and efficient. People with cancer will have their needs met in a more timely manner. With increased focus on health and well-being people will be able to make healthier lifestyle choices and make their care better. These building blocks will encourage people to look to the future and find solutions to improve their lives through self management strategies.

The aim is for people to access information from their own home, in their own time and comfort, with less risk and be able to communicate with communities of people with a similar diagnosis to themselves. The films will provide greater signposting and offer solutions as well as tips and techniques to manage some of the psychological issues that people with cancer may experience.

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27 January 2021

Care to Thrive box

bolloxUCARE are delighted to support urology patients at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and provide these carefully selected Care to Thrive packs sponsored by bollox underwear brand.

To see your business name here and on the cards given out please contact us.

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