Scientific Advisory Committee

UCARE's (Urology Cancer Research and Education) Scientific Advisory Committee is made up of clinicians and researchers.

They advise our trustees to ensure UCARE supports projects that meet the charity's aims and are of the highest standard.

Current members

  • David Cranston - Representing Academic Urology interests
  • Jeremy Crew - Representing pelvic cancer interests
  • Tim Humphrey - Chromosome Integrity Group Leader [joined 2012]
  • Val Macaulay - Representing uro-oncology basic science interest
  • Professor Ian Mills
  • Andy Protheroe - Representing Trustees and Consultant Oncologist
  • Mark Sullivan - Representing renal/laparoscopic interests

Past members

  • Ester Hammond - Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology [joined 2012, resigned 2018]
  • James Kennedy - Chair Urological Surgeon [resigned 2012]
  • Tim Maughan - Professor of Clinical Oncology, Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology [Chair September 2012, resigned 2018]
  • Mark Middleton - Consultant Oncologist [resigned 2009]
  • Kevin Turner - Consultant Urologist [resigned 2011]